National Storm Shelter Association

National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA)

Properly designed and constructed Storm Shelters have been proved  to be capable of providing life safety from hurricanes and tornadoes. The Storm Shelters can be  on an individual scale, providing protection for individual homes, or on a larger scale providing community protection or protection for critical facilities such as  schools or hospitals.

Due to the pioneering efforts of a small group of individuals, the National Storm Shelter Association was formed to to ensure the highest quality of manufactured and constructed storm shelters for protecting people from injury or loss of life from the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes and other devastating natural disasters.

This year these efforts are of particular relevance as is evidenced by the large loss of lives and constructed facilities due to extreme wind storms in the US.Thus the efforts of the NSSA are of particular importance. The NSSA is a membership organization and the particiaption of a broad spectrum of members will do much to help to advance the objectives of the association. Click below to connect to the NSSA web site which provides a large amount of valuable information.

National Storm Shelter Association

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